Sheetfed Scanners - Advantages and Disadvantages

Published: 17th November 2009
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With all of the various types of scanners on the market these days, it is no wonder that people get confused on what the different types of scanners actually are. A good scanner for the busy business person is the sheetfed scanner.

A sheetfed scanner is used for capturing images of documents and transferring them to a computer. Sheetfed scanners are great for scanning large documents like manuals or transcripts. They are not good for scanning images though but there are plenty of scanners available for this purpose. They have proven to be very effective and efficient for businesses and new models are constantly being developed and improved upon. A big advantage of a sheetfed scanner is that it is smaller in size than a flatbed scanner and uses much less desk space. Over the years, sheetfed scanners have gotten smaller and faster.

With a sheetfed scanner, the operator has to feed the sheet that is being scanned. With this type of scanner, the document is actually moving and the scanner itself remains stable. Thisis the opposite of a traditional flatbed scanner that moves over the document being scanned. This is the precise reason that these scanners are not very good at scanning any type of graphics. Because the image is zooming past so fast, the scanner must capture a mooving target. As a result, the quality and clarity of the image suffers.

Many of the newer sheetfed scanners are also portable which is fantastic for the traveling business person who needs a scanner that can be set up quickly and get the job done. A portable sheetfed scanner can be carried in a briefcase, backpack or bag. They are great for scanning business cards, checks, passports or any other printed document.

Most of the lower priced models are made for black & white documents but newer models are now able to scan color with pretty good results. Prices are also very reasonable and you can get a very good quality color scanner for about $300. Before you make a purchase, be sure to do your research and know exactly what your needs are and what will be required from the scanner. With the amount of products and information available it can be overwhelming and cause you to make a bad buying decision.

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